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Big Bang
City Festival

Fri 15.10.2021 Sun 30.01.2022

Did you know that Leuven is the birthplace of the Big Bang Theory? In 1931, Georges Lemaître introduced his revolutionary theory of the primaeval atom and the expanding universe. And it rocked the world of science to its core. It’s no small wonder then that Leuven has made the Big Bang the theme of its sensational city festival.

We'll be igniting our very own world-shattering cultural Big Bang in the autumn of 2021. BANG! sucks you into a sensory journey through how the Big Bang continues to inspire art and science today. Enjoy music, exhibitions, events, and everything that makes life BANG! exciting!

BANG! is a KU[N]ST Leuven initiative, a joint venture between KU Leuven and the City of Leuven. Funded by the Flemish Government and the Belgian National Lottery.
© Andy Holden, Eyes in Space, courtesy of the artist
© Andy Holden, Eyes in Space, courtesy of the artist

Upcoming Event

To the edge of time

Fri 22.10.2021 Sun 16.01.2022
Location: The Leuven University Library

This historic building provides an impressive backdrop for an exhibition at the intersection of science and contemporary visual art. This Big Bang experience is sure to expand your horizons!

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Upcoming events

Allegory of Hope, 1590-1638 © Abdij van Park
Allegory of Hope, 1590-1638 © Abdij van Park

An Eternal Gaze

Fri 15.10.2021
Sun 16.01.2022
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Atrechtcollege © Visit Leuven
Atrechtcollege © Visit Leuven

Measuring the Stretch from the Earth to the Heavens

Sun 17.10.2021
Sun 16.01.2022
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Amateurama3 1

Exhibition: Emotion

Fri 22.10.2021
Sat 30.10.2021
Kapel Romaanse Poort
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© Andy Holden, Eyes in Space, courtesy of the artist
© Andy Holden, Eyes in Space, courtesy of the artist


BANG! extends the red carpet with some exhibitions, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces from at home and abroad. Tying them all together is the Big Bang and a fascination with the cosmos.

The Dome © Mathias Völzke
The Dome © Mathias Völzke


Prepare to be immersed in 360° visuals and music by Belgian and international headliners. Ready for an audiovisual journey through the cosmos?



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