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Covid Safe Ticket


To gain access to certain BANG! events, you need two things in addition to your ticket – a valid Covid Safe Ticket** and your identity card. So, for a smooth “check-in”, be sure to have your ID card and CST ready when you arrive. Entry is prohibited for anyone without a CST and ID card (except for children under 12). BANG! doesn’t dispense quick tests, so it’s up to you to provide a CST.

You can retrieve your CST digitally in the CovidSafeBE app and through websites like Mijn Burgerprofiel and You can also request a paper copy of your CST, sent by post, from these two websites; it should take about a week to arrive.

We scan your CST purely for verification purposes; none of your health data is shared with BANG!. The only personal data our staff see are your name, date of birth, and QR code; data required for verification are not stored.

** You will receive a valid Covid Safe Ticket in one of the following situations:

• You have a vaccination certificate: you’ve been fully vaccinated for over two weeks;
• You have a recovery certificate less than six months old;
• You had a PCR test done, with a negative result: validity = day of the test + 2 days;
• You had a rapid antigen test taken by medically trained personnel, with a negative result: validity = day of the test + 1 day. (BANG! does not dispense quick tests.)