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Cancelled: Artisttalk with Haseeb Ahmed & prof. Luc Geurts

Thu 02.12.2021
Location: BAC ART LAB
Hour: 20:00

Due to health reasons, this talk has been cancelled.

What does a collaboration between scientists and future engineers look like? Haseeb Ahmed sheds light on his piece for To the Edge of Time (on display at the Leuven University Library) and provides insight into the co-creation process and his unique collaboration with Prof Luc Geurts’ students.

Don’t miss the clash of art and science. The fireworks that ensue are sure to knock you off your feet.

© Rob Stevens
© Rob Stevens


BAC ART LAB is KU Leuven’s very own house of art and science. At the end of the day, artists and scientists are asking the same big questions. And they want to understand, explain, and even change the world around them. The BANG! Big Bang City Festival is the perfect occasion for presenting an inspiring four-part programme.

During an artist talk, Haseeb Ahmed explains how art and science reinforce and enrich each other.

Students and staff members can apply for studio space in BAC ART LAB so that KU Leuven literally creates space for experimentation. Thuy Lê Thi Thu had the world at her feet, graduating from LUCA School of Arts and is one of our resident artists. Get acquainted with her work during a solo exhibition.

BAC ART LAB is also a lab for new forms of education, where theory and artistic practice go hand in hand. Intermedia students present a short performance. And group exhibition by students from Media & Information Design (MIND) will make your head spin.


Visit the To the Edge of Time exhibition at Leuven University Library to check out the fruit of Haseeb Ahmed’s collab with KU Leuven students and researchers.


BAC ART LAB is housed in the former Institute of Bacteriology. Drop by to glimpse not just a breeding ground for contemporary art but also to admire a protected monument and a gorgeous piece of university heritage.