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BANG! 360° Videos

Thu 25.11.2021
Sat 04.12.2021
hour: 19:00

BANG! shows a selection of immersive dome films made by world-renowned names in electronic music and media art every day. The programme features a new collaboration between British electronic musician Actress and Los Angeles based video studio Actual Objects, alongside works by Joanie Lemercier and Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma. Even better, BANG! Is presenting a brand-new audiovisual creation by resident Het Depot musician Victor De Roo in collaboration with Lewi Moors.


Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma © Mathias Völzke
Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma © Mathias Völzke


Actress and Actual Objects: Grey Interiors © Actress and Actual Objects 2021
Actress and Actual Objects: Grey Interiors © Actress and Actual Objects 2021

Grey Interiors

Actress & Actual Objects (2021)

British musician Darren J. Cunningham aka Actress, presents the post-industrial symphony Grey Interiors with the artist collective Actual Objects. The three-part composition presents our civilisation as an imploded space with no discernible gravitation. Only drifting machine fragments and decaying objects are left – like quotes with no system of reference. Floating in a gloomy ether sauce, Grey Interiors transports us into an alien landscape beyond the human.

  • THU 25.11, SAT 27.11, MON 29.11, WED 1.12 & FRI 3.12
  • 19:00 (20')

A project by Actress & Actual Objects / Producer: Darren Cunningham / Production Supervisor: Georgios Mavrikos / Postproduction Video: Florian Meyer / Spatial Sound Mixing: Timo Bittner / A co-production of Berliner Festspiele / The New Infinity & Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

Joanie Lemercier - Nebulae © JF1
Joanie Lemercier - Nebulae © JF1


Joanie Lemercier, music by Joshua Sabin (2019)

Nebulae is a unique journey into the cosmos and through time; take off from a familiar terrestrial landscape and shoot for the stars and beyond. Explore galaxies, constellations, and witness a series of mesmerising cosmic events from the past. Nebulae is an audiovisual film and artistic interpretation of our shared stellar universe by Studio Joanie Lemercier.

  • THU 25.11, SAT 27.11, MON 29.11, WED 1.12 & FRI 3.12
  • 19:00 (14')

Concept and visuals: Joanie Lemercier / Production: Juliette Bibasse / Software development: Sebastiano Barbieri, Nikolay Matveiev, Kyle McLean (Everyoneishappy) / Music: Joshua Sabin (license granted through Multiverse Media Publishing and Subtext Recordings) / Commissioned by MEDIAPRO & Sónar+D 2019

Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma © Mathias Völzke
Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma © Mathias Völzke

Extraordinary Alien

Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma (2019)

The video work Extraordinary Alien is based on the US artist visa classification ‘alien with extraordinary ability’. It plays on the double entendre of the word ‘alien’ and the notion that all outer space aliens are inherently extraordinary from our perspective as lowly earthlings. It explains the tendency of science fiction films to tease us with shadows and glimpses before the big reveal, when the alien is ‘shockingly’ unveiled to the viewers. This reveal is frequently followed by disappointment in the alien’s appearance, one which rarely meets our grand expectations.

Why are our minds incapable of creating a compelling alien form that transcends the meagre selection perpetuated by Hollywood films? Fatima Al Qadiri and Transforma use simple, everyday materials to create textures that look like planetary surfaces, galaxies, and alien skins in their work. These materials are intentionally used to emphasise the sci-fi qualities of ordinary earthly objects. The soundtrack is based on a single musical motif that runs on an endless loop that never crescendos, not unlike the alien whose shape seems forever beyond our grasp.

  • FRI 26.11, TUE 30.11, THU 2.12 & SAT 4.12
  • 19:00 (20')

Music: Fatima Al Qadiri / Video: Transforma (Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach, Simon Krahl) / Mixing: James Kelly / Spatialization: Koenraad Ecker

Victor De Roo & Lewi Moors © Lewi Moors
Victor De Roo & Lewi Moors © Lewi Moors

A day without yesterday

Victor De Roo & Lewi Moors (2021)

What existed before the Big Bang? Science offers no concrete answer; the data just isn’t there. It was everything and, at the same time, nothing. Georges Lemaître called it ‘a day without yesterday’ and Stephen Hawking referred to it as ‘an imaginary time’.

In this audiovisual work, the Leuven artist Lewi Moors and musician Victor De Roo (Het Depot resident) present their interpretation of that time – a state of unconsciousness, in which the concepts of time and space are non-existent, like the intoxication that precedes sobering up. It’s the rules of art that apply, not science.

  • FRI 26.11, TUE 30.11, THU 2.12 & SAT 4.12
  • 19:00 (15')

Production: Het Depot for KNAL! Planetarium Music Festival 2021
Music: Victor De Roo / Visuals: Lewi Moors / Mix & Master: Paulo Rietjens


Daily screening at 7 p.m. (30 min.) with alternating programme.

Seated concert with closed doors. Don’t be late; latecomers will be denied entry.



  • Single ticket: €5

Covid Safe Ticket required

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A face mask is mandatory during the shows.


The dome is accessible for wheelchair users.
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Combine the screening with a live performance, always at 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.