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Creation Illustrated

Mon 18.10.2021
Sun 30.01.2022
Tickets: free

Genesis depicted in Antique Prints

The creation story of the Judeo-Christian tradition – a six-day process in which the heavens and the earth were created – has been told in illustrated form for centuries. The Old Testament book of Genesis opens with captivating descriptions of the creation – light and darkness, the moon and stars, fish, the beasts of the earth, and humankind. Artists and manuscript illustrators were inspired by the seven-day creation myth and the Garden of Eden to capture the genesis cycle in elaborate woodcuts, etchings, and engravings, which were used to enhance prestigious editions of the Bible.

The small feature exhibition at the Maurits Sabbe Library will display illustrated manuscripts, illustrated Bibles, and Bible translations that bring the world’s creation to life in pictures, including the Nuremberg Chronicle by Hartmann Schedel (1493), the Bibles of Willem Vorsterman (1528) and Jacob van Liesvelt (1535), the Stuttgart Vulgate by Christophe Plantin (1583), the Illustrated Bible by Pieter de Hondt ( 1728), and a special map of the Garden of Eden from Athanasius Kirchers’ Ars magna lucis et umbræ (1671).



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