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Installation Sarah Pickering

Tue 16.11.2021
Sun 16.01.2022

Sarah Pickering
Celestial Objects

C-type Digital Print
Commissioned by Locus+ in partnership with NEPN

Did the Universe have a beginning? Will it come to an end? 'To The Edge of Time' explores how the story of the Big Bang bridges the work of three of the twentieth century’s greatest European scientists: Albert Einstein, Georges Lemaître and Stephen Hawking. Objects from their work and lives sit alongside artworks by international modern and contemporary artists which raise questions about our place in the wider cosmos.

Sarah Pickering in de Hal 2

British visual artist Sarah Pickering’s work examines the gulf between objective fact and imagined reality. Her 'Celestial Objects' series exploits our tendency to associate cosmological occurrences with explosive special effects. She made it by photographing bullets firing from a revolver in total darkness. Each of the photographs captures the entirety of a gunshot, from start to finish. Sarah Pickering says about these works: "I propose that instead of fixing a certainty, the representations we make of the world amplify our doubts about the experiences we have of reality."

This presentation is an initiative from the Faculty of Law and Criminology and is part of the exhibition 'To The Edge of Time' in the University Library of KU Leuven, curated by Thomas Hertog and Hannah Redler Hawes.

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