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Little Galaxy

Thu 18.11.2021
Thu 25.11.2021
Location: Different locations

The youth of MIJNLEUVEN’s street art crew & BURn Leuven recreate their own Big Bang.

The 30 CC/Kapel (F Wing) courtyard serves as a base camp for young Leuven’s artistic endeavours. During ‘Fringe’, you’ll find their artwork punctuating the Leuven city scene. Artists Roncha & Tuch were a source of inspiration.

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© Isha Frateur
© Isha Frateur


© Isha Frateur
© Isha Frateur

Little galaxy

BURn and MIJNLEUVEN’s street art crew got down to business, transforming cubes, sheets of MDF, and canvas with graffiti explosions.

Street artist Tuch dropped by BURn to show them the ropes of live painting and graffiti. And MIJNLEUVEN’s young street art crew got the lowdown from Leuven rapper, slam poet, and street artist Roncha.

These extraordinary artistic encounters shed a topsy-turvy, fascinating look at what the Big Bang means to Leuven’s young talent.

Knal Fringe campagnebeeld


Our Startling Universe is part of the FRINGE exhibition trail. For a whole month, five locations across Leuven welcome you to admire the stories and work of promising young artistic talent. You get a glimpse into how they process the Big Bang Theory and a taste of the fascination they feel for the origins of space and time.

  • Tweebronnen City Library Exhibition Space - Our Startling Universe
  • BAC ART LAB - Collapse Exhibition and Thuy Lê Thi Thu Exhibition
  • OPEK/De Garage - Curating the Young (13.12 - 19.12)
  • maakleerplek - Installation by Koen Kloosterhuis (Cas-co)
  • Batiment A - Out of Orbit (Werktank)



Little Galaxy is free and open to all.

Opening hours

  • From THU 18.11 to SAT 18.12


Brusselsestraat 61a
3000 Leuven
+32 (0)16 27 27 54