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Nkisi - Orb

Sat 04.12.2021
Hour: 20:30

DJ and experimental composer Nkisi presents a new audiovisual performance about the relationship between sound, rhythm, and the circuits of celestial bodies.

Melika Ngombe Kolongo a.k.a Nkisi is a Belgian (Leuven born!) DJ and experimental composer who has lived in London for several years. Her dark electronica contains influences from hardcore techno, Congolese rhythms, and deconstructed club music. In 2015, she co-founded the label NON with Chino Amobi and Angel-Ho, which aims to decolonise dance floors around the world.

Nkisi - Orb © Nkisi
Nkisi - Orb © Nkisi


“You don’t need to see to know it’s there, We experience through sound, Everything within everything, Diffusion of energy, Intentions, distortions, And we are in touch with the unconscious...”


Especially for BANG! and commissioned by Het Depot, Nkisi creates an audiovisual work with celestial appeal. Her inspiration stems from the essay ‘Regarding the sonic symbolism of when and where’ by jazz musician Steve Coleman, which assumes that the movement of celestial bodies also produces sound and rhythms. Nkisi is particularly interested in how the spiral movements of planets around the sun evolve through time. In ancient Congolese traditions, past, present, and future all exist simultaneously; through musical explorations and rhythms Nkisi tries to gain access to these eternally evolving cosmic dynamics. The result is a cosmic trip with 360° visuals and 3D sound impossible to forget.

Music: Nkisi / Visuals: Nkisi & Jaak De Digitale / Production: Het Depot / Special thanks to: Lafayette Anticipations & Light Art Space


Live concert with 360° visuals at 8:30 p.m. (40 min.).

Seated concert with closed doors. Don’t be late; latecomers will be denied entry.


Available online.


  • Standard: €18
  • Discounted with KU Leuven Culture Card & STUK card: €14

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