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Our Startling Universe

Thu 18.11.2021
Sat 18.12.2021

Expo Leuven, Cas-co, and MIJNLEUVEN selected and are coaching eight budding artists to create the ‘Our Startling Universe’ presentation. These new artists dialogue among themselves and other professionals during various participatory brainstorming sessions and workshops and get the support they need to transform their plans into reality. The goal is to perfect an existing work or create an all-new visual piece or performance.


Andreï Haesen, Jan Van Eijgen, Justine Lambrechts, Mateo Ancis, Myrte Doom en Tosca Gasparini

© Andrei Haesen
© Andrei Haesen
© Andrei Haesen
© Andrei Haesen


The group exhibition Our Startling Universe poses the question: How do today’s young people understand the Big Bang theory? The Big Bang has gradually infiltrated nearly every curriculum and education system; nevertheless, there is a peculiar tendency on the rise to cast doubt on its factuality. Where does that come from? These days, young people curate information they are interested in far more interactively than they did a century ago.

Researchers, centres of expertise, and artists have opened up a world of expert and niche data to all who seek it. Now, simulations, reports, analyses, research reports and works of art enrich our perception of historical theories. That makes an abstract concept like the Big Bang more accessible than ever before and releases the floodgates of creativity. At the same time, theories that contradict the Big Bang have also gained considerable support. Just look at the recent resurgence of the Flat Earth Society or religious traditions that believe the Earth to be no older than a few thousand years.

Knal Fringe campagnebeeld


Our Startling Universe is part of the FRINGE exhibition trail. For a whole month, five locations across Leuven welcome you to admire the stories and work of promising young artistic talent. You get a glimpse into how they process the Big Bang Theory and a taste of the fascination they feel for the origins of space and time.

  • Tweebronnen City Library Exhibition Space - Our Startling Universe
  • BAC ART LAB - Collapse Exhibition and Thuy Lê Thi Thu Exhibition
  • OPEK/De Garage - Curating the Young (13.12 - 19.12)
  • maakleerplek - Installation by Koen Kloosterhuis (Cas-co)
  • Batiment A - Out of Orbit (Werktank)



The exhibition and FRINGE exhibition trail are free and open to all.


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Opening hours

  • From THU 18.11 to SAT 18.12
  • THU from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • FRI from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • SAT from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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