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Pluto-ensemble - COSMIC 7

Tue 30.11.2021
Hour: 20:30

The Pluto ensemble conducted by Marnix De Cat performs cosmic polyphony from Josquin to Lassus, under a dazzling starry sky produced by digital video artist Jaak De Digitale.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras argued that the universe produced a single inaudible symphony – the ‘harmony of the spheres’ or ‘musica universalis’. The distances between planets corresponded to musical intervals, i.e. an octave (2/1), a fifth (3/2), quarter (4/3), etc. In the minds of the ancient Greeks, the universe and music were composed of the same building blocks. Just as planets in the cosmos would elicit a polyphonic (inaudible to us) symphony of sound, so on Earth (in the West) there was an explosion of melodies ‘sounding together’ within the span of a few centuries, evolving into the mode now known as ‘polyphony’. This phenomenon reached its peak in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Pluto-Ensemble © Yves Gervais
Pluto-Ensemble © Yves Gervais




In COSMIC 7, the Pluto ensemble conducted by Marnix De Cat performs polyphonic works by Orlandus Lassus, Mathieu Gascogne and (birthday boy!) Josquin des Prez, among others, that will tickle your ears with improvisations. Four singers, a serpent, and a synthesizer will immerse you in heavenly sounds. 360° projections of a dazzling starry sky by video artist Jaak De Digitale add cosmic allure.


  • Lieselot De Wilde: soprano
  • Marnix De Cat: alto, synthesizer & artistic direction
  • Adriaan De Koster: tenor
  • Arnout Malfliet: bass
  • Berlinde Deman: serpent
  • Jaak De Digitale: visuals


Live concert with 360° visuals at 8:30 p.m. (45min.).

Seated concert with closed doors. Don’t be late; latecomers will be denied entry.


Available online!


  • Standard: €18
  • Discounted with KU Leuven Culture Card & STUK card: €14

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