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Cancelled: The Dark Mysteries of the Universe

Tue 14.12.2021
Hour: 21:00 - 22:00
Artists: Bert en Wide Vercnocke

Are you eager for the mysteries of the universe to be revealed – preferably in a rainbow explosion of wonder? You’re about to get your chance. The million-euro question? How can we know what we can’t see? After all, even the most powerful telescopes are incapable of revealing what goes on inside a black hole... Or are they?

Bert Vercnocke is professor of physics at KU Leuven. He treats you to an unprecedented glimpse of the unseen in a captivating lecture and presentation. His brother, illustrator Wide Vercnocke (Wildvlees, Narwal, Drieman and BRUZZ magazine), brings it all to life with his illustrations. Spilling over with enthusiasm, the brothers analyse the first picture of a black hole, the sounds of the cosmos, and ripples in spacetime. And so, the darkness became light.

Beeld dedonkeregeheimenvanhetheelal
© Catherine Smet
© Catherine Smet


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