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The Living Room

Wed 12.01.2022
Sun 16.01.2022

What kind of cosmic connections do Leuven associations make in their Living Room? How do they approach the Big Bang from the non-scientific, from a mystical or esoteric perspective? How does The Living Room feel? What does it look and sound like?

Leuven associations extend an invitation to five days of inspiration, encounter, and exploration in Leuven’s former town hall. Together, they form the primaeval atom that will reignite the Big Bang, birthing a whole new Leuven universe.

More info soon!

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The Living Room

The Living Room is where the magic happens, the BANG! City Festival participatory process that got Leuven clubs and associations together to brainstorm about the universe and its origins. The Living Room was set up as a temporary neutral ground, a space literally created for initiatives to approach the Big Bang from a non-scientific, mystical, or esoteric perspective, with room for opinions and differences of opinion to be expressed and respectfully debated. In the end, the participants co-created a marvellous programme from scratch, and you are cordially invited to visit the Living Room from Wednesday through Sunday, 12-16 January 2022!

More information on the programme and associations soon to be announced!

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