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To The Edge Of Time (lecture-performance)

Mon 29.11.2021
Hour: 20:30 (SOLD OUT) & 22:00

Physicist Thomas Hertog talks about the relativity of time, accompanied by electronic soundscapes by Vincent Caers and 360° visuals by Klaas Verpoest.

Time is the most mundane thing in the world. We all use it every day; we waste it, save it, and enjoy it. It’s just out there, like a big clock, ticking away. But what is time? What is it made of? Did it have a beginning? Will it ever end? Does it cycle around? Can we do without time?

In this lecture-performance, electronic musician Vincent Caers, theoretical physicist Thomas Hertog, and visual artist Klaas Verpoest take you on a voyage into a black hole, to the edge of time ... and beyond.

To The Edge Of Time © Klaas Verpoest
To The Edge Of Time © Klaas Verpoest


English spoken, without subtitles.

Live concert with 360° visuals at 8:30 p.m. & at 10 p.m. (45min.). Seated concert with closed doors. Don’t be late; latecomers will be denied entry.


Available online.


  • Standard: €18
  • Discounted with KU Leuven Culture Card & STUK card: €14

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